50% Deposit for Custom CPM3V Katana

50% Deposit for Custom CPM3V Katana

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1.       Deep fuller

2.       Square habaki (also blued/blackened)

3.       CPM3V Steel (fully blued/blacked)

4.       7.25” handle

5.       28.5” blade

6.       28-32 oz (the lighter the better) (excludes scabbard)

7.       Tapered full tang

8.       Good smooth, rounded pommel (sample picture provided)

9.       Black micarta handle shaped like wooden bokken handle (oval; picture provided; Width is 1” at widest point; front to back is 1.25”)

10.   Traditional black alder wood sheath/scabbard

11.   Minimal guard - Musashi style like the one on your custom katana (black)

12.   Blade with curvature of a traditional katana