San Mai Hidden Tang Small Bowie Knife

San Mai Hidden Tang Small Bowie Knife

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See how I make the blade magic happen on my Youtube channel!

This Hidden Tang blade is made for the frontier! The Prospector is 10" Overall with a 4.75" Blade. The guard is blackened mild steel. I solder the guard in place for the best possible bond between guard and knife. The handle is Secured Using Gflex Epoxy and a Copper mosaic pin. The tang is bedded 90% down into the handle material for ultimate durability.

All woods are stabilized with the exception of Desert Ironwood and Cocobolo, these two kinds of wood are too dense to stabilize and thus wouldn't benefit from being stabilized.

Comes with a black 8 oz leather belt sheath, handmade by me as well. Fits comfortably in the hand. Razor sharp and ready for action! The blade is perfect for hiking, hunting, or camping. I ship USPS priority shipping for free!

With proper care this knife is intended to be used for a lifetime, I take great care to ensure my materials and craftsmanship are first rate.

Check out more of my Handmade knives and works in progress on instagram @charlesjonesblades

I thermal cycle all my W2 to reduce the grain size as small as possible and evenly distribute the alloying components. This drastically increases the toughness and overall quality of the steel. Just like 1095, W2 needs a fast quench, whenever possible I brine quench W2. This maximizes hardness and edge retention. Some models are quenched in fast oil due to their especially thin edges that will crack if quenched in brine. For these models, the edges are so thin a fast oil quench achieves the same overall hardness and edge retention. A clay Hamon is available on all W2 models. Models are tempered down to between 60 – 64 HRC depending on their intended use.